Data Protection and Cyber Security Training

We have taught private, closed training for data protection and cyber security for clients, large and small.

To our dismay, we have found numerous complaints around the standard of delivery of other large training companies.  We heard comments such as this about companies offering public training courses:

“When we trained with Training Company X we found that their trainers were just reading the course materials to us.  Their trainers didn’t seem to know the material beyond what was written in the official course materials!  I could have read all of that myself!”

Athene only provides tutors who have used the course skills  in the real world.  We believe that this can bring the subject to life, give it a context and allow the delegate to engage with the course materials in a manner which promotes learning.

“John from Training Company X didn’t teach us anything beyond passing the exam.  I’m not confident in my knowledge, even though I have the piece of paper saying that I have passed…”

Athene Training, when selecting tutors, will only use tutors who can speak from experience.  In fact, people who can actually speak.  For some training companies, having someone to stand at the front of the tutor group is enough.  Whether that person can project their voice, be affable with delegates, engage with delegates to draw out useful examples – that is often so low on the list of attributes of the trainer that the large training companies seem not to care.

Athene Training has been successful in private tuition because we take the official course materials and seek to bring them to life.  Training delegates are investing their time to acquire a qualification, so we respect that by investing our time and real-world experience to make the course engaging and a true transfer of knowledge.

We still want you to pass the exam…  We also want you to feel confident when talking about the subject and in the application of the knowledge you have discovered.

Your future is within reach…

Corporate Cyber and Privacy Training

People are your biggest weakness.  Humans make mistakes and our corporate cyber and privacy training can help you to prepare your staff to face the threats on the internet.

As humans, we are programmed to comply – it’s in our nature.  We follow the corporate cyber secutiry and data protection trainingherd instinct.  Anyone can be a victim of social engineering.   Most people just want to be ‘nice’ and that is what is used by hackers as their “way in”.

Whilst we can provide your technical people with technical training courses, we can also provide your teams with a relaxed, non-threatening, non-technical  introduction to cyber security and data protection, leaving them with more knowledge they can use to protect your business.

Cyber Security

We work with your teams in a workshop setting, whereby staff can engage with the subject matter.  Your people can begin to appreciate that not everything is as it seems on the internet.

These informal, fun (yes!) sessions can operate on the following bases:

  • Three two hour sessions for three groups at your office (up to ten people per group)
  • Two half-day sessions  for two groups at your office (up to 12 people per group)
  • A full day at your office for one group (up to 20 people)

Your people will learn all about how to avoid internet and email-based threats. They will learn to pause and question content of emails and messages.  A checklist of best practise is provided for staff to use in order to avoid exposing your business to threats.

These lively sessions deal with the subject of cyber security in a fresh, engaging manner, making a ‘dry’ subject into something where people can learn how to protect themselves, their families and their homes from threat.

Data Protection (GDPR)

Data protection has been in the news recently. There is so much misinformation on the internet. This might be stopping your business and people from doing things which are absolutely legal, but they’re unsure.

These informal, fun (again – yes!) sessions can operate on the following bases:

  • Three two hour sessions for three groups at your office (up to ten people per group)
  • Two half-day sessions  for two groups at your office (up to 12 people per group)
  • A full day at your office for one group (up to 20 people)

Your staff will learn about the responsibilities they have when working with personal data.  They will learn what rights, as a data subject, they have (and how to exercise them) and they will engage with dealing with data subjects’ requests.

If your organisation deals with personal data then you have a legal obligation to train your staff.  They needn’t become experts, but our training will give them the tools they need to handle personal data in a way that is expected bhy the UK regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Feel free to contact us for any queries at: info@athenetraining.com


Weekend Training for Busy Professionals

Weekend Training. Your time is precious.  We understand that.

Why do we offer weekend training?

You may be a contractor who wants to expand their skill set.  No one wants to effectively pay twice for training; the course fee and the loss of contract income for the days you attend a training course.

You may be working on a project which has you tied up during the week for months ahead.  Understandably, you don’t want your demonstrable skill set to diminish over time.

You may want to improve your skill set without asking your employer for training courses which oblige you to remain with your current employer.

So – does weekend training come at a premium cost?

Nope.  Our weekend training courses are competitive with the weekday course costs from our competitors.

How so?  We respect our clients and delegates.  Athene Training is looking to become a trusted training partner.  Building trust and good business relationships doesn’t happen by holding people to ransom…

Athene Training offers weekend training for your particular circumstances.

IAPPIAPP Professional Training Courses

We offer training for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) qualifications, based on their two-day syllabus for:

These two-day courses are offered on a 9am-5.30pm schedule. You aren’t working a solid weekend without being able to actually rest.  For those who have attended such courses in the past, these are not “boot camp” courses.

ISACAisaca professional training courses

We offer ISACA qualifications on a weekend basis for the following ISACA qualifications:

We take a three-day course and fit it into two days.  You are guided through all of the course elements.  We want you to understand the course material and get you to a position where you can confidently take the exam.

Yes, the working day is longer (9am-8pm on Saturday and 8am-4pm on Sunday), but you will leave the course with knowledge and an enhanced skill set to move you further in your career.  All without compromising your working week.  Of course, you will also be ready to pass the exam!

Your future is within reach…


About Us

Athene Training has been providing private, in-house training to organisations.  These organisations block-book a number of employees to study for professional certifications in data protection and cyber secuity.

Our private clients have been surprised that we haven’t offered our training to the public.  As a result of hearing this, we’re taking our training to people and organisations on a delegate-by-delegate basis.  Neither you nor your company needs to block-book Athene Training to offer courses solely for your company.

About UsCurrently, public professional training has a few problems.  Large training companies are aggressively pursuing delegates and signing people onto courses which are of poor quality.  Their trainers are just that – trainers.   The person delivering the course knows the course material, but not the real-world application of the knowledge.

We only engage with trainers who can apply the knowledge.  You should attend the course and trust that the trainer can give you real-world examples.  About usAs a delegate, you want to pass the exam, but you want something you can use back at work.  A purely course-training ‘trainer’ can’t offer you that.  Worse still, their lack of knowledge may lead to them not answering your questions. 

Your training is compromised because the training company has hired someone to read course notes to you.  We don’t operate like that…

No Athene Training “Certified Practitioner” Course.

We believe that training companies offering “Certified Practitioner” courses offer poor value to delegates.  There is no “Athene Training Certified GDPR Practitioner” course because we see no value in it to our clients. These courses are cheap to write. Similarly, the courses are cheap to run.  Unfortunately, these courses aren’t respected.  The investment from delegates isn’t returned in value. 

Industry Standard Courses

Athene Training only offers professional training for the qualifications which have widespread acknowledgement as being exemplary. 

We felt it was time to share this professional training with people who seek to invest in their careers.  People who work for organisations whose circumstances might not support a private, in-house professional training course.

Our Ethos

We are a lean organisation.  Our courses are delivered in training rooms provided in ‘household name’ hotels right across the UK in order to keep costs down.  We haven’t invested in training centres which rely on ‘sausage machining’ delegates through training courses in order to pay rent and upkeep of premises.  As a delegate – you aren’t paying for rented office space and its associated costs.

We invest our money in our people.  Athene Training still hand-picks tutors and operates on a ‘mystery customer’ basis.  Our tutors are scrutinised by other tutors.  This is to ensure that your training experience is as relevant, informative and enjoyable as possible.

We believe that people are our greatest investment.  We hire people who will help you to learn, to understand and apply the knowledge – and pass the exam, obviously!

Your future is within reach…

email us on: info@athenetraining.com

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