About Us

Athene Training has been providing private, in-house training to organisations.  These organisations block-book a number of employees to study for professional certifications in data protection and cyber secuity.

Our private clients have been surprised that we haven’t offered our training to the public.  As a result of hearing this, we’re taking our training to people and organisations on a delegate-by-delegate basis.  Neither you nor your company needs to block-book Athene Training to offer courses solely for your company.

About UsCurrently, public professional training has a few problems.  Large training companies are aggressively pursuing delegates and signing people onto courses which are of poor quality.  Their trainers are just that – trainers.   The person delivering the course knows the course material, but not the real-world application of the knowledge.

We only engage with trainers who can apply the knowledge.  You should attend the course and trust that the trainer can give you real-world examples.  About usAs a delegate, you want to pass the exam, but you want something you can use back at work.  A purely course-training ‘trainer’ can’t offer you that.  Worse still, their lack of knowledge may lead to them not answering your questions. 

Your training is compromised because the training company has hired someone to read course notes to you.  We don’t operate like that…

No Athene Training “Certified Practitioner” Course.

We believe that training companies offering “Certified Practitioner” courses offer poor value to delegates.  There is no “Athene Training Certified GDPR Practitioner” course because we see no value in it to our clients. These courses are cheap to write. Similarly, the courses are cheap to run.  Unfortunately, these courses aren’t respected.  The investment from delegates isn’t returned in value. 

Industry Standard Courses

Athene Training only offers professional training for the qualifications which have widespread acknowledgement as being exemplary. 

We felt it was time to share this professional training with people who seek to invest in their careers.  People who work for organisations whose circumstances might not support a private, in-house professional training course.

Our Ethos

We are a lean organisation.  Our courses are delivered in training rooms provided in ‘household name’ hotels right across the UK in order to keep costs down.  We haven’t invested in training centres which rely on ‘sausage machining’ delegates through training courses in order to pay rent and upkeep of premises.  As a delegate – you aren’t paying for rented office space and its associated costs.

We invest our money in our people.  Athene Training still hand-picks tutors and operates on a ‘mystery customer’ basis.  Our tutors are scrutinised by other tutors.  This is to ensure that your training experience is as relevant, informative and enjoyable as possible.

We believe that people are our greatest investment.  We hire people who will help you to learn, to understand and apply the knowledge – and pass the exam, obviously!

Your future is within reach…

email us on: info@athenetraining.com

Tel: 0044 121 295 1717

Athene Training is a company registered in England with company number: 11116181

Athene Training is registered at: Athene Training Ltd, Izabella House, 24-26 Regents Place, Birmingham B1 3NJ, UNITED KINGDOM