Weekend Training for Busy Professionals

Weekend Training. Your time is precious.  We understand that.

Why do we offer weekend training?

You may be a contractor who wants to expand their skill set.  No one wants to effectively pay twice for training; the course fee and the loss of contract income for the days you attend a training course.

You may be working on a project which has you tied up during the week for months ahead.  Understandably, you don’t want your demonstrable skill set to diminish over time.

You may want to improve your skill set without asking your employer for training courses which oblige you to remain with your current employer.

So – does weekend training come at a premium cost?

Nope.  Our weekend training courses are competitive with the weekday course costs from our competitors.

How so?  We respect our clients and delegates.  Athene Training is looking to become a trusted training partner.  Building trust and good business relationships doesn’t happen by holding people to ransom…

Athene Training offers weekend training for your particular circumstances.

IAPPIAPP Professional Training Courses

We offer training for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) qualifications, based on their two-day syllabus for:

These two-day courses are offered on a 9am-5.30pm schedule. You aren’t working a solid weekend without being able to actually rest.  For those who have attended such courses in the past, these are not “boot camp” courses.

ISACAisaca professional training courses

We offer ISACA qualifications on a weekend basis for the following ISACA qualifications:

We take a three-day course and fit it into two days.  You are guided through all of the course elements.  We want you to understand the course material and get you to a position where you can confidently take the exam.

Yes, the working day is longer (9am-8pm on Saturday and 8am-4pm on Sunday), but you will leave the course with knowledge and an enhanced skill set to move you further in your career.  All without compromising your working week.  Of course, you will also be ready to pass the exam!

Your future is within reach…